The bands I honor here have played a HUGE roll in my life. Without them, I would not be the person I am today. This is my tribute to the greatest metal performers ever to have graced a stage.

Everything Dio including Discography and hundreds of Photos! Sabbath Photos, Band Member Biographies and Interview with Bill Ward :) Check out my collection of Ozzy's Photos!

There are so many others, that I love to listen to, but do not have the time to do proper justice to in honoring, so I give you these links....

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Please support the following, for sustaining my Sanity and my Love of Music....

  • Mike Kibby...without you, I would be incomplete. Who would believe I would marry another Dio Fan (but who else COULD I marry????)
  • Joe Siegler....The Master behind the best Black Sabbath website! Thanks for making all that great knowledge available to everyone and sharing it with the world!
  • Wendy and Ronnie Dio....For being nice people who try to do the best for their fans, and taking the time to care.
  • all their assistance with my Tony Iommi Biography - a class act all the way!

    You Rock!!

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